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Deionized "Pure" Water


Deionized Water is filtered of all impurities

What is Deionized Water?

     Deionized water is also called demineralized water, DM water, DI water, or DIW. Small amounts of contaminates like sodium and calcium are in your normal everyday water. Through deionization, the dissolved minerals are removed from the water. A soft-bristled water-fed brush head is used to agitate the dirt from the glass and then the window is rinsed thoroughly and completely with the purified water. When the windowpane dries, it should be completely spot free and crystal clear!

     Before window cleaners discovered DI water, they had to have direct access to the windows. This meant that employees were using ladders, ropes, and lifts to clean hard to reach windows. Using a water-fed pole, window washers can clean up to four stories from the ground level. This method is efficient and timely, thus saving the customer time and money!

     For years, the industry standard for window washing has been to use a chemical solution, mixed with standard tap water, and a squeegee to ensure a streak-free shine. While this method of cleaning will get the job done.. there is a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative.. Deionized Water!

     The tap water that is traditionally used for power washing and window cleaning contains trace amounts of minerals. While this is ideal for drinking, is is the same minerals that leave water spots, streaks and residue on your windows.. or even your car!

     When water has been filtered through the deionization process, these same minerals are removed, ensuring a streak, spot and film free shine. However, what really makes the deionization process unique, is that deionization essentially turns your water into a magnet for the dirt and grime! This is ideal for commercial and residential window washing. The deionized water's ability to attract dust and dirt, eliminates the need for a chemicals and soaps!

     This process eliminates the need for ladders and scaffolding when washing windows. Instead windows can be cleaned in a safer and more efficient manner. This can be completed with a water-fed pole cleaning system equipped with a built-in brush designed to agitate the dirt and debris.

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Jetstream Power Wash uses water-fed pole cleaning system and Deionized Water to wash down these solar panels.

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Washing the 3rd story windows of a residential home with a deionized water-fed pole system! 

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Water-fed pole window cleaning at approximately 30 feet!

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