Jetstream Power Wash has successfully cleaned over 4 million square feet of roof tiles!

       Getting your roof cleaned is actually much easier than it sounds. We aren't talking about going down to the local rental yard and picking up a pressure washer and doing the job yourself. Not only are big box pressure washer unsafe for your roof but they don't allow you to adjust the extremely high (or low) pressure they create. Roof tiles do NOT require high-pressure to be cleaned. It is actually better to use lower pressure and warm water to remove roof grime such as green moss, algae, mold, bird droppings, mildew stains, dirt build up and construction debris. Extremely hot water, or steam cleaning, is not usually recommended during the roof washing process because it will generally remove some color from your tiles if they are painted or constructed with color. Chemicals such as Chlorine and Pool Shock are known to be used by some contractors however these strong detergents will usually destroy and kill your surrounding landscape if the areas are not properly rinsed off.

       Roof cleaning is actually a very safe process when done correctly. The team at Jetstream Power Wash will show up to your Orange County roof cleaning project wearing full reflective clothing and they will have all of the necessary safety gear and harnesses needed for the job. Our team will not only look professional but they will do a professional job cleaning your roof!

       The average roof cleaning project will last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. The extended job time is due to the nature of the cleaning process and the steps necessary to complete the job. While our trained technicians are removing that ugly grime from your roof; your house will get pretty dirty in the process. This is due to gravity and the pitch of your roof allowing the dirty water to flow down your roof tiles. This wastewater will then splash all over your surrounding concrete, windows, stucco, surrounding landscape, pool, children’s play sets, outdoor furniture, you name it! It is best to remove as many outdoor objects as possible from the "splash zone" so they do not get dirty. But do not worry! The team and Jetstream will do all the heavy lifting! Washing down your house exterior, windows and screens and your concrete is all part of the job!

       When you book a Los Angeles County tile roof cleaning company like Jetstream Power Wash you will get your full roof cleaned, gutters flushed, house washed, windows cleaned and all surrounding areas rinsed off! Our team will leave "zero-footprint" when we are done washing your roof! This will ensure that all of the debris that was removed from your roof will also be removed from your property!

       Wastewater from roof cleaning projects MUST be extracted or recovered. This dirty and nasty water is not allowed into our California storm drains and Jetstream Power Wash will make sure all the wastewater is recovered and filtered for property reuse or disposal. 

       Green algae and moss will usually grow on the North facing side of your property. These types of stains are generally found in the city of Chino, Chino Hills, Ontario, Eastvale, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and other "moist" cities. Jetstream Power Wash services all of Southern California and we can perform your roof cleaning in Orange County or your roof cleaning in Los Angeles!

Jetstream Power Wash using a 20' SkyJack scissor lift to safely clean this large residential roof.

Jetstream Power Wash using a 20' SkyJack scissor lift to safely clean this large residential roof.


  • Free roof inspection for broken roof tiles and leaks.
  • OSHA approved saftey cleaning techniques. 
  • Environmentally friendly algae and green moss removal.
  • Extraction and recovery of all roof cleaning wastewater.
  • Free power washing of all surrounding areas.
  • Free exterior window cleaning and screen washing.







Concrete roof tiles are usually the easiest to clean by power washing! These tiles clean up very nicely and they are usually very strong. Often times concrete tiles may be painted and our process will ensure no color fading!





Clay roof tile cleaning is a delicate process. These tiles can easily break or crack if not cleaned properly! Make sure you hire an experienced clay tile roof cleaning company!





Asphalt shingles are usually very easy to clean. The process will require less water and the clean up is usually much easier to contain. However, granauls may become loose during the washing process.


David V.

"Found these guys randomly through Yelp and I'm glad I did choose them from many others. John was the one who made the appointment for the guys to come and clean my roof. The quote they gave me was very reasonable and the appointment was made effortlessly. When Alex and Chris got here, they explained what they are doing and helped me clear up any debris or items that can be affected by the dirty water. They kept me posted throughout their work and informed me what was to come next and what they got done so far. They are the most friendliest people I've worked with. Very highly recommend!"

Posted on Yelp March 25th, 2019.

Dustin H.

"These guys are the absolute best. Came here with fantastic attitudes ready to work hard! Cleaned everything from the roof, stucco, windows, gutters, concrete and everything else in between. What an amazing result! And an extremly great price too. If you want all that green and black gunk gone from your entire house dan roof, call these professionals. They are also extremely safe workers and clean too, cones, gutter dams, filters pumps for the wastewater, reflective clothing, I mean i could go on and on. They are the absolute best and I am so glad I found these guys! Call them today! You will NOT be disappointed!!!" 

Posted on Yelp April 3rd, 2019.

Dimitri Z.

"Had a great experience working with John and his team. Made me feel comfortable during the booking process and they detailed our home from top to bottom... Alex and Chris pressure washed the roof, house, fence, walls, steam cleaned the concrete and washed the windows! Oh yeah and with our neighbor's permission, they washed any debris that may have splashed over the fence. Amazing job!"

Posted on Yelp March 26th, 2019.

Rachel J.

"Highly recommend these guys for y our power washing needs. They came out, gave me a fair quote, and completed the job exactly as promised. The tiles we needed washed are antique and required special care. Jetstream cleaned them good as new. We'll definitely be using them again!"

Posted on Yelp March 17th, 2019.

Joe C.

"Great job adn crew on my house!! Owner John was quick to respond and to estimate, very very fair price and great thorough work delivered. Crew of 2 was here from 12pm to 5pm, and cleaned my roof tiles' algae completely off, brick washing, house rinsing and driveway cleaning, they even blast cleaned my side walls and separate shed at no cost! Highly recommend John and his team, my before-and-after pictures were such a difference, which they will send you to prove they did a thorough job while up there. Thank you John I will surely book you again and refer you out!!"

Posted on Yelp March 21st, 2019.

Cindy R.

"Power washed my roof and exterior surfaces (patio and brick planters). Very thorough preformance. The job was completed as requested. They even helped out to save a bird nest with eggs."

Posted on Yelp May 22nd, 2017.

Ouyang M.

"Jetstream washed my roof really good, and professional and great service. Highly recommended."

Posted on Yelp April 8th, 2019.

Steve M.

"Excellent work! Chris and Alex were meticulous in getting our house in pristine shape, It hadn't been washed in at least over a year, so the roof and gutters were full of debris. The before and after pictures showed a dramatic difference. I would 100% recommend Jetstream to anyone."

Posted on Yelp November 25th, 2018.

George G.

"Perfection! My house is so clean now.. from the patio furniture to the tile roof and in-between!"

Posted on Yelp August 18th, 2016.