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house washing services

don't trust your home with just anybody

Over 1.5 million square feet of residential homes successfully washed and counting!

      Over the years the exterior of your house can and will be abused by rainstorms, dusty winds, snowfall, snowstorms, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, spiders, floods, house eggers, paintballers, kids with water balloons, blizzards and even volcanic eruptions! After you play in the mud wouldn't you like to shower? Well the same principal also applies to your home! 

      As dirt and dust collects on the surfaces of your home.. the build up will only stack and continue to get worse. As time goes by, these infected areas of the home will start to deteriorate and take away from the value and appearance of your house. In some conditions, mold and mildew can grow on your concrete, stucco, window sills and even your rooftop! In worse cases green moss and algae can grow all around the exterior of your home! If these areas are not cleaned and maintained.. your house could slowly start decreasing in value and stick out like a sore thumb!

     Just like your car.. you house needs a wash every once in awhile! Do you want the dirtiest house on the block? Do you want your neighbors whispering about you? We can make sure you have the freshest estate on the street! Our hot-water power washing will keep the cobwebs, dirt, dust and stains down to a minimun! 

     Our team is capable of washing down all sections of your home from the roof tiles to the concrete and everything in-between! The cost to clean your home will depend on the overall size of the property combined with its current condition. If your house if well maintained.. you won't have to pay as much as your dirty neighbors across the street who only bless their home with a shower every 10 years. Give the pros at Jetstream Power Wash a call and learn what we can do to improve the appearance of your home!

And remember.. don't trust your multi-million dollar home with just anybody!

Power washing some very dirty stucco!

Power washing some very dirty stucco!

maintain the value and appearance of your home

One-Time Cleaning

Is your home covered in cobwebs, green moss, dirt or just a little dust? Our soft-wash cleaning team can perform a one-time cleaning to safely and quickly brighten up the appearance of you house!

Routine Maintenance

Your house is constantly exposed to different types of weather and elements! Maintain the overall value and appearance of your home with a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly cleaning!

Exterior Restoration

Our cleaning process can restore even the dirtiest house back to "like-new" condition! We use biodegradable solutions and hot-water to safely remove harsh stains and organic build up!

What is included in a house wash?

Exterior Walls Power Washing

Our house washing jobs include washing down all exterior walls and surfaces of the home! This includes all stucco, brick and wood siding!

Eaves Power Washing

We use low-pressure when power washing your eaves and overhangs to ensure that cobwebs, dirt, dust, beehives and birds nest no longer exist!

Fascia Boards Power Washing

Is the trim of your house looking dingy? We use hot-water to clean these ares up for a brighter and sharper appearance!

Exterior Window Washing

Did other power washers leave spots on your windows? Not the guys at Jetstream! Once the house is done taking a bath we perform a spot-free rinse on your exterior windows using deionized water!

Concrete Power Rinsing

As your house is being washed the dirt and debris will quickly fall to the surrounding hardscape due to the earths gravity. Once the house has been cleaned.. all of the surrounding concrete must be rinsed in order to complete the job!

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